Friday, October 16, 2009

Daddy Day Care Tip-

Today's tip- If you're gonna scam the entire nation on television, make sure your kid has his story straight.

Okay, so today's tip is a light hearted one. Obviously, I am making reference to the Heene family in Colorado. In case you haven't heard, a 6 year old boy yesterday was reported as to flying away in a flying saucer type balloon. When he was discovered in the family's attic he was asked if he had heard the entire nation calling his name. The young boy answered by saying, "we did this for a show".
In a publicity starved world this story actually makes sense. Everyone wants their shot at 15 minutes of fame. Coming from a family that has appeared on ABC's Wife Swap, you would think that the Heene's would have had their appetites satisfied by now. But maybe the two appearance were just enough to keep the family hungry. Whatever the reason, our entire country was captivated by this flying young 6 year old ironically named Falcon.
This story has gotten such publicity for numerous reasons in my opinion. First, it's sad. The boy was gone and could have been found dead. Second, it's happy. The boy is found alive. Then, just like a well written article or novel, it comes back full circle and we are back to sad again. Sad, because it we all got played. Sad, because a little boy is used as a tool of publicity. Sad, because a family is so desperate for attention that it makes national news for possibly being a fraud.
I can't help but to chuckle at the whole thing. I chuckle because I, like most of you, got played. But I can chuckle because the little boy is alive and well... well except for the 2 times that he puked on national television. As dads, we have to be able to chuckle, at society, at our kids, and even at ourselves. Thank you Heene family, for reminding us to laugh, and make sure we know where our kids are at all times. I hope that this time around at the dinner table of publicity, you find yourself full.
NOTE: It has not yet been determined by the authorities that this entire story was a hoax.